Life with qmail Translations

The following table lists languages into which people have volunteered to translate LWQ. Send updates to

Language Status Contact or Link Translators/Volunteers
Arabic unknown none Ayman ?
Brazilian Portuguese unknown Edson Lima Monteiro, Henrique Neto, Juan Carlos Castro y Castro, André Filipe de Assunçăo e Brito, Francisco Camargos, Rafael Lessa Barreto
Bulgarian unknown none Kaloyan Marinov
Chinese 2003-08-16 complete LWQ-Chinese Jerry Chou, Chens
Danish started 2003-02 none Max Andersen
Dutch started 2003-09 Paul Claessen
French translation complete, in proofreading none Michel Geldenhuys, Mikael Chambon, Benoit Dubertret, Julien Andrieux
German 2004-01-26 complete Life with qmail Sebastian Wallroth
Greek started 2003-08-27 none Vassilis Karampelas
Indonesian unknown none Gede Wijaya, Djoko Tri, Ahmad Ridha, Eko Harianto
Italian 2001-12-29 complete La mia vita con qmail Marco Tizzoni
Japanese 2004-06-30 complete Life with qmail YAMAGUCHI Takanori
Korean 1999-11-16 complete Life with qmail YOON, Joo-Yung
Norwegian unknown none Andreas Aardal Hanssen, Andreas Landmark
Polish 2004-01-26 complete Life with qmail Dariusz Zmokly
Romanian started 2003-01-22 none Gabriel Dragan, Matei Conovici
Russian ? Life with qmail Max A.
Spanish 1999-12-18 complete Mi vida con qmail Iván Juanes Prieto
Swedish unknown none Magnus Bodin

Information for Translators

If you're interested in translating Life with qmail, let me know so I can coordinate and prevent duplication of effort. I can also provide translators a copy of the SDF source document so translations can also be done in SDF. (SDF may not be usable with all languages/character sets.)

I also recommend that translators join the lwq mailing list (by sending a message to so they can discuss translation issues and make announcements.

Dave Sill, 2005-06-12